Divorce & Separation

Separation and divorce isn’t easy, it represents a lost dream and usually a history of conflict.
But we understand that when a client comes to us they are seeking resolution, closure, and professional guidance through this challenging season of life.  We are committed to making this process as easy possible while reducing conflict and whenever possible coming to an agreement through negotiation rather than litigation.

What you should know about Separation in Canada

You or your spouse are considered to be separated when one of you decides that the relationship is over, and there is no reasonable chance of reconciliation. In Ontario there is no legal process you need to go through in order to be legally separated, however a separation agreement will help avoid or resolve issues arising from a separation.

What you should know about Divorce in Canada

Divorce can be a painful process, however it can also be the closure you long for in order to move on in your life.  There are many things that you should know about divorce, and we will help you not only understand what the process will be, but also how best to navigate the legal system, and inform you of realistic expectations.

The definition of this term is outlined by the federal Divorce Act, which states that a breakdown of marriage is deemed to have occurred only if:

  • the spouses have lived separately and apart for at least one year prior to the divorce proceeding; OR
  • one spouse has committed adultery or has inflicted physical or mental cruelty on the other person to the point where their continued cohabitation is intolerable.

It’s important to note that to meet the one-year separation guideline, the partners must:

  • have been living separately and apart when the divorce proceeding was commenced; and
  • have been separated for at least one year at the time the proceeding is finalized.
  • Additionally, one of the partners must have resided in Ontario for at least one year prior to the application for divorce.

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