Separation Agreements

Are you separated from your spouse or considering separation?

It’s highly recommended that you have a separation agreement drawn up that clearly defines important aspects of the new relationship and how things will work with your children, your property, and other aspects that should be taken into consideration.
A separation agreement offers a cost effective alternative to attending court and is generally a far more amicable, less stressful negotiation process with better results for all parties involved.

As an experienced Family Lawyer I bring strong negotiation skills to the table that is free from the burden of the emotions that you are naturally dealing with. 

What is a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a legal document that addresses issues of property division, custody and child access, and spousal support. It outlines the date of separation, who is the custodial parent or if custody is shared, who will make important parental decisions, details of access and child support, the division of property and other important details.

Why a Separation Agreement is Important?

The purpose of a separation agreement is to clearly define the details of the separation to avoid unrealistic expectations, confusion, and disagreements that can cause stress to the parents and children. A separation agreement empowers the two parties to control the outcome by agreeing to terms, rather than having a third party define and impose the terms.