Caring for your children through separation & divorce

When a marriage comes to an end it effects all involved, none more so than the children. They are the most fragile and innocent party involved. We care deeply about helping ensure that the children's needs are being cared for and work hard to ensure that. Whether your dealing with a child custody battle with your former spouse or with Children’s Aid Society, we have the experience that can help mean the difference between success and failure. To this end we provide our clients with legal advice and preparing responding materials, including Answer and Plan of Care, Affidavits, Conference Briefs, attending court etc.

Every circumstance is unique, however we’ll work with you to develop a plan to follow in order to increase the chances of having your children returned to you.

Your Advocate In Child Custody Cases

Child custody is a challenging life event to go through, but having a legal advisor in your corner is a huge help. Answering your questions throughout the process, being your guide along the way, and negotiating on your behalf, are just a few ways that I will help you through this.